The campus is officially established in the citadel of the Polytechnic of Turin

The agreement between Polytechnic of Turin and the Giovanni and Annamaria Cottino Foundation kicks off officially.

The Rector Guido Saracco: “Together we will build the first campus completely dedicated to Impact Education: it will truly be the heart of the innovative teaching of our University and of the Cottino Foundation. In the next future it will also be an iconic building, conceived to be itself a symbol linked to Impact Education .
We are now aware that only thanks to hybrid partnerships we will be able to train the engineers of the future. This collaboration with one of our illustrious Alumni, Eng. Giovanni Cottino, whom I thank for having chosen us for his project, is an example that reassures us that this is the right direction to take “.
Eng. Giovanni Cottino, after signing the agreement: “Developing an ecosystem in which training, research and social impact interact to generate new knowledge and values and mainly a more equitable and sustainable future is the key vision of our Foundation.
Being able to do it through the Cottino Social Impact Campus and the Polytechnic of Turin, bringing in our vision and investing our resources, is certainly of great satisfaction for me. I wish to thank the Rector Prof. Guido Saracco and his staff for showing and sharing capacity and vision to shape a future in which new hybrid skills will be key for a more sustainable development“.

(photo credits: Polytechnic of Turin)

Cottino Social Impact Campus is hiring trasformative talents to build social impact

Launched in 2018, Cottino Social Impact Campus is a visionary initiative fully dedicated to the building, delivering and spreading of impact culture via transformative education. Cottino Social Impact Campus is a unique venture in Europe aiming at attracting best and free minds ready and motivated to shape the culture of tomorrow in terms of social sustainability and social innovation via challenge-based and evidence-based endeavors.

Cottino Social Impact Campus is based in Torino, hub city for social impact at European level.

Cottino Social Impact Campus is being developed with one strategic partner Politecnico di Torino.

Cottino Social Impact Campus headquarter is located at the heart of “Cittadella Politecnica”, main campus of Politecnico di Torino, while building the new Cottino Impact Learning Center who will represent a shining example of cross-sector alliance and a model where innovative infrastructures enable challenge-based learning to tackle societal challenges.


We are looking for the brightest, most talented individuals from around the globe who are passionate to engage in such ambitious project.

Open positions are:

Impact Campus DEAN

Impact Campus Education Expert & Designer